A hospital for the health of the future.

To combine in a single structure the orthopaedic excellence of the IRCCS Galeazzi and the experience gained in the cardiothoracic-vascular and bariatric fields by the Sant’Ambrogio Clinical Institute to offer patients a large multi-specialist centre.

located near Cascina Triulza, the new building will develop vertically with 16 planned floors for a total area of 150,000 square meters. Particular attention will be paid to environmental impact, so space for the use of environmentally friendly materials, the use of renewable energy and maximum commitment to reducing emissions.


Paolo Rotelli: “We’ll build the hospital for the health of the XXI century”
After the go-ahead, obtained at the beginning of February from the Conference of Services of the Municipality of Milan, Paolo Rotelli, President of the San Donato Hospital Group, disclosed the project for the new hospital which will combine in a single structure: the IRCCS Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute one of the 18 facilities of excellence of the San Donato Hospital Group. It is the first Italian hospital in terms of number of orthopaedic prostheses implanted and for years the first hospital in Lombardy both in terms of the number of hospitalizations and surgical operations carried out in orthopaedics. Since 2000, the hospital has become multi-specialist, following the inclusion of additional and complementary specialities such as maxillofacial surgery, neurosurgery, rheumatology and plastic surgery. Since 2006, the Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute has been approved by the Ministry of Health as an Institute of Recovery and Cure of Scientific Character (IRCCS) for research in the field of diseases of the locomotor system. In 2016 the IRCCS Galeazzi received 127,120 patients (30% of whom from outside the region), 23,970 patients had access to emergency department and 16,970 surgeries were performed (15,000 orthopaedic ones). There are 364 beds and 325 clinicians.

the Sant’Ambrogio Clinical Institute:
part of the San Donato Hospital Group since 1987. The hospital is accredited by the National Health System and represents an excellence in two areas, in particular: cardiovascular and diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment of obesity (INCO). With more than 500 heart surgeries per year and 1,500 interventional cardiology procedures, the Sant’Ambrogio Clinical Institute is one of Italy’s leading centres for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

In 2016, 84,337 patients turned to the facility, 14,084 patients accessed the emergency department and 7,890 surgeries were performed.


The floors in detail: functionality

There are 16 planned floors for a total area of 150,000 square meters, which will develop vertically and will be divided as follows:

• the ground floor, bright and functional, is dedicated to the reception of patients and university students; in addition, there will be space also for diagnostic imaging activities and emergency department;

• the first floor will host a 480-seat conference room and services for patients, visitors and staff such as the canteen, the chapel, the pharmacy and the dressing rooms;

• the second floor will be entirely dedicated to analytical and research laboratories;

• the third floor will be the heart of outpatient activity, medically assisted procreation and endoscopy;

• the fourth floor will host the operating theatres for outpatient surgery;
• the fifth and sixth floors will be dedicated to operating theatres, hemodynamics and intensive care;
• the seventh floor is defined as a “calm floor” because it will not host the hospital activity, but it will be used in case of evacuation of the upper floors;
• the eighth floor is dedicated to the offices and the central sterilization;
• the ninth to fourteenth floors will host the hospitalizations;
• finally, the last two floors will be dedicated to systems that ensure the proper functioning of the structure such as the thermal and photovoltaic system as well as air treatment plants.

The total surface of the area is 50,000 square meters: 20,000 occupied by the new building and the remaining 30,000 are for parkings and greenery, which will also include a part equipped as a park.


The new hospital will be built using the most modern and efficient solutions in terms of energy saving and environmental sustainability, minimizing not only waste and consumption, but also noise and pollutant emissions.
The materials chosen will be eco-compatible and healthy, with the capacity to absorb smog through techniques of purification of the atmosphere and self-cleaning. In addition, with regard to the quality of the coatings, solutions specifically designed to manage thermoregulation will be guaranteed. In order to reduce the impact on the city’s electricity grid, photovoltaic and/or solar thermal systems will be used on the entire surface of the roof of the new Galeazzi, while the plants (water, electricity, air treatment, etc.) will be adopted in such a way as to minimise consumption, avoid waste and dispersion, use resource or energy recovery systems wherever possible and reduce all types of emissions.

Great attention has also been paid to comfort, humanization of interior spaces and natural lighting: most of the rooms will be open, permeable to light, with large windows and views of the outside. Opaque parapets will be used to protect patients and professionals located in the hospitalizations or in the diagnosis and treatment areas. The colors of the structure will be light, declined on warm tones.
“The presence of IRCCS Galeazzi is a fundamental cornerstone of the Science Park project that Arexpo is already implementing in the area that hosted the World Exposition Milan 2015” says Giuseppe Bonomi, CEO of Arexpo. “In fact, it will be a great innovative structure dedicated to care and research that will integrate perfectly with the other scientific functions already present, such as Human Technopole, and with the academic ones that will come in the next few years, in addition to international private companies that have already expressed their interest in establishing themselves in the area”. The laying of the foundation stone is expected for next spring. It is estimated that the duration of the construction site will be about three years, at the end of which the IRCCS Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute and the Sant’Ambrogio Clinical Institute will share the new location.

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