For a better life through a comprehensive approach to health and aging

Develop personalized medicine and nutrition to tackle cancer and neurodegenerative diseases by means of genomics, big data analysis, new diagnostics and innovative therapies

7 Research Centers 4 Research Facilities 4 buildings 30000 m2.
A national and international Hub connecting Universities, Research Institutes and Hospitals
Within 2023, the institute will be fully operational with 1500 employees engaged


The Human Technopole Foundation
Pioneer of the future Science Park, Human Technopole is the first settlement at the heart of MIND to start its activities. The project takes officially off on November 25 2015 with a Government decree assigning a part of the area to the creation of a national interdisciplinary research infrastructure on the Life Sciences. To this end, the Italian government gives mandate to the Italian Institute of Technology (iit), in collaboration with the main institutions, research centers and hospitals in the territory to develop a scientific proposal and an executive project for its realization. On March 27, 2018, the Government approves the Statue of the Foundation and on May 16, the first seven members of the Supervisory Board, including the President Marco Simoni, are appointed, defining the end of the start-up phase and the strengthening of the project.

“For a better life through a comprehensive approach to health and aging” This is our mission. Indeed, Human Technopole will develop Personalized Medicine to tackle cancer and neurodegenerative diseases by means of genomics, big data analysis, new diagnostics and innovative therapies
The commitment is not only technological and scientific, but Human Technopole aims to be a promoter of cultural renewal, where citizens will be educated to healthier lifestyles and prevention, patients will have access to new care more quickly, policy will take informed decisions for social cohesion and industry will be supported in the technological transfer of scientific research.

The institute will be at the forefront in the dissemination of scientific researches and health achievements, spreading the consciousness among citizens that the scientific progress is a global good.

An international research hub
To achieve its ambitious purpose, a groundbreaking research infrastructure, comprising seven research centers and four facilities will be created. Human Technopole will develop multi and inter-disciplinary approaches, propelling collaboration and inclusion, creativity and ethics, and empowering innovation and knowledge exchange.
Human Technopole wants to contribute, together with existing realities, to the advancement of knowledge that is beneficial to the whole society. To this end, Human Technopole does not want to replace or simply add to existing initiatives in the field of life sciences. On the contrary, it wants to be a reference hub for research institutes, universities and research hospitals existing in Italy, by sharing technologies, methods and data in order to speed up the transfer of knowledge and rapidly guarantee new treatments for patients.

Since January 2018, the first researchers, technical and administrative staff have been working in the renovated offices at the fourth floor of Palazzo Italia. Within 2019, the refurbishment of Palazzo Italia will be complete and overall 400 positions available.
In 2018, Arexpo will start the refurbishment of the US6 e CARDO NO buildings designated to the imaging and genomic facilities, few laboratories and common shared services.
The project development of the new bespoke building hosting laboratories and specialized activities will start within 2019.
In 2023, HT will be operational involving 1500 employees.

MIND – Milano Innovation District

A catalyst for social and economic growth
A new neighbourhood of Milan, a real city in the city, an innovation ecosystem


MIND Milano Innovation District
Phone: 02 698267.01
Fax: 02 698267.68


Via Cristina Belgioioso, 171
20157 Milano

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