Human Technopole is Italy’s new research institute for Life Sciences, based in the heart of

For a better life through a comprehensive approach to health and aging

Human Technopole’s overarching mission is to promote and contribute to improving human heath and wellbeing, including healthy aging. It will carry out frontier research in the life sciences, particulary aimed at developing novel approaches for personalised and preventive medicine. HT will set up and operate scientific services and facilities to be made available to external scientists with the aim to respond to the needs of the national and international life sciences research communities. It will drive innovation and progress by promoting technology transfer
and by proactively engaging in relations with industry, to foster the translation of scientific discoveries into tanglible applications for the benefit of patients and of society at large.
Finally, an important element of HT’s mission will be to the dissemination of scientific activities and achievements to reinforce the message that science is a public good.

A large-scale national research infrastructure that will cover a surface of over 55.000sqm, of which 35.000sqm of interdisciplinary laboratories. It will include three existing buildings (Palazzo Italia, North and South Pavilion) plus an entirely new South building (to be completed by 2025), which will host various research centres and scientific facilities.
Once fully operational Human Technopole will employ up to 1.000 scientists, in different fields, including biology, bioinformatics, chemistry, engineering, physics, mathematics, health science and
computational and data science, to work together on research topics of biomedical relevance.


As a research centre of excellence and large-scale research infrastructure, HT will play a
major role in scientific capacity building in the life sciences. By combining the missions above,
Human Technopole will enrich and contribute to advancing the national system, acting as a reference point for the Italian academic life science community. At the same time, its high standards will make HT an ideal partner for excellent European and international institutes and collaborative initiatives. By forging scientific connections with relevant international partners and networks, HT will gain further visibility for and help raise the profile of Italian biomedical research.

The following core principles will be the bedrock of and drive of all HT’s activities:

  • Scientific Excellence
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Internationality and Diversity
  • Openness and Collaboration
  • Service to the Research Community


Research at Human Technopole will take a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to the study of human biology, aimed at understanding basic mechanisms that regulate physiology and disease. It will pursue a unique mix of experimental and computational research, ranging from fundamental “blue skies” research to translational research with a more direct application to human health.

Research centres in five initial, complementary and highly relevant areas for biomedial and health- related research will be set up in the first phase of HT development:

It will pursue research aimed at uncovering the complex mechanisms governing gene expression and how heritable genetic information translates into phenotypic traits. It will be composed of two complementary programmes in Population and Medical Genomics and Functional Genomics.

It will exploit and integrate genetics, multi-omics, disease modelling and advanced imaging approaches using different systems to investigate nervous system structure-function and neuronal development, with particular attention to molecular mechanisms underlying neuropsychiatric and neurological disorders.

Human Technopole’s overarching mission is to promote and contribute to improving human heath and wellbeing, including healthy aging

Computational Biology
It will closely support and integrate with research pursued by the other HT Research Centres, by using statistical, computational and bioinformatics approaches to develop solutions for (big) data analysis, management and integration.

Structural Biology
It will aim at gaining precise knowledge of the structure of macromolecules and macromolecular complexes involved in a variety of human disease conditions, which is essential to understand how they function and as a first step in the design of novel drugs. A joint project with the Politecnico di Milano, it will use advanced data science methods to analyse and integrate large-scale data from different sources on treatment effectiveness, economic and social behavior, mainly in the areas of precision medicine, healthcare and health economics.

Research at Human Technopole will be supported by state-of-the-art scientific infrastructure and facilities, essential to enable HT’s success in today’s competitive environment of international biomedical research.

Five main research facilities will be initially set up:

Data Centre
It will provide significant data storage and computing power required to manage, store and analyse huge amounts of heterogeneous data generated and used by its researchers.

Genomics Facility
It will develop and implement essential omics technologies for life science research. Its large scale DNA/RNA sequencing infrastructure will be able to provide high-throughput next generation sequencing.

Cryo-Electron Microscopy Facility
It will provide a platform for high resolution molecular structure determination across the entire workflow of structural biology imaging.

Light Microscopy Imaging Facility
It will respond to the diversified demand of today’s biomedical scientists by providing access and expertise in a broad array of light microscopy techniques and applications.

Image Analysis Facility
It will further support scientists managing imaging-intese projects by providing access to innovative software solutions and expertise in visualisation, management and quantitative analysis of bio image (big) data.

MIND – Milano Innovation District

A catalyst for social and economic growth
A new neighbourhood of Milan, a real city in the city, an innovation ecosystem


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