Bio4Dreams is a MISE-certified incubator with entirely private capital, dedicated to innovative Life Sciences startups in their very early stage. The mission is to help outstanding people, researchers, and young entrepreneurs to capitalise on the products of scientific research through a collaborative and synergistic model – thus creating business processes that are sustainable, pragmatic, long-lasting, and international.

The focus area is innovation in Life Sciences, with particular attention to biotech, medtech, and digital health tech. In these sectors, Bio4Dreams works with both startups, innovative entrepreneurial entities developed by universities and research centres, and local hubs. The aim is to create a supranational ecosystem that fosters innovation from its early stages.


Bio4Dreams believed in MIND since the beginning and put down roots here. MIND represents the most important international innovation district, in which Life Sciences play a central and catalysing role. That’s why our presence in MIND will stay active and proactive, to help create a real startup industry in Italy, too.

The activities in the district

Bio4Dreams will bring to MIND its new Italian headquarters and all the activities to enhance innovation in the Life Sciences. To do so, it will use its distinctive approach, consisting of two complementary focuses:

  • bottom-up innovation to support researchers and young entrepreneurs along the complex process of launching their startups, offering customised incubation and development programs;
  • top-down innovation to strengthen the innovation ecosystems by creating relationships and synergies with institutions and local realities – which will offer not only fertile ground for growth to startups but also make innovation a means of enriching the territory.

Bio4Dreams will also have its strategic projects in MIND. SharedLabs™ is a new model of shared research labs organised and equipped by function, which can be used on demand by startups, companies and researchers. These labs are designed for research groups that need to develop scientific validation activities in a short timeframe, relieving them from the commitment of buying expensive equipment and managing a proprietary lab.
Innovation Circle™ is a new approach to technology transfer conceived by Bio4Dreams that gathers innovation players “around a table” where they share projects from their respective pipelines and provide each other with skills to develop initiatives.





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