Umberto Perron

Umberto Perron

Postdoctoral Researcher, Centro di ricerca di Biologia Computazionale

Human Technopole

What do you do?

I work both in Bioinformatics, i.e. developing new algorithms and software for analysing biological data, and in Pharmacogenomics, i.e. the branch of molecular biology that investigates the effects of a drug based on individual genotypes.

What are the goals of your commitment?

My research activity aims to develop new therapies that are “personalised” for each patient – which can be done by researching and discovering new drug targets or by repositioning existing drugs.

What role does innovation play in your job?

Creating personalised therapies is one of the major innovations in the treatment and health of people. The developing and improving experimental approaches to collect high-resolution biological and clinical data (single-cell sequencing, proteomics, CRISPR KnockOut) are the starting point for every computational and model analysis. Interdisciplinary institutions such as Human Technopole are essential to bringing together those who model data with those who develop analysis methods and platforms and thus enable innovation in our healthcare systems.
chi sviluppa metodi e piattaforme di analisi e permettere di conseguenza di innovare i nostri sistemi sanitari.

My research activity aims to develop new therapies that are ‘personalised’ for each patient

What added value have you received or would you like to receive from your presence in MIND?

I believe that the added value of MIND could be its role in developing an ecosystem of research and innovation that integrates public institutions such as Human Technopole, university spin-offs, startups and medium-to-large private companies.

How do you imagine the future of MIND?

My hope is that in the next few years MIND will be able to attract institutions, companies and talent with an international profile by supporting a virtuous cycle of primary research and technology transfer.

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