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Fondazione Triulza

Fondazione Triulza

Fondazione Triulza is the innovative network of the leading Italian organisations in the Third Sector and Civil Economy. After creating the first Padiglione della Società Civile during Expo 2015, the Fondazione decided to stay in Cascina Triulza to participate in the development of the new ecosystem emerging in MIND.

Formally established in 2013, Fondazione Triulza represents the consolidation of a network of entities and organisations committed to achieving a fair society and sustainable human development, defending human rights and natural heritage, spreading the culture of peace and cooperation, and promoting ethical and inclusive economic models.

Together with its founders and partners, Fondazione Triulza works in the “MIND gym” with two strategic objectives:

  • community engagement, involving people and local organisations in the design and development of the area to create an authentic community.
  • social innovation and social tech, putting social innovation at the heart of MIND by giving space to Third Sector enterprises and networks.

The network of organisations created with Expo 2015 around Cascina Triulza continues to be the reference point for social innovation in MIND. One of its commitments is to involve local communities and citizens.


Fondazione Triulza remained in MIND to work with the scientific, health, academic, public and business organisations of the site and build innovative models of development with a high social and environmental impact. On the one hand, by instilling the values, skills and experience of the Third Sector and Civil Economy into the innovation ecosystem of MIND. On the other, by creating a seamless link between MIND and its territory, involving the new generations in co-designing paths to create a real community in MIND.

The activities in the district

Fondazione Triulza promotes social innovation and community engagement within MIND, in the international framework of the new social economy. It does so through a set of initiatives, tools and projects developed together with MIND’s founders, partners and stakeholders and with the active participation of young people.

There are many initiatives and projects implemented in MIND.

  • Created in 2018, the Social Innovation Academy is a space for co-design and contamination open to everyone: Third Sector, Civil Economy, philanthropic entities, universities, research centres, public institutions, finance, companies, and MIND stakeholders.
  • The Social Innovation Campus, organised since 2020, is an annual event for students and young social entrepreneurs with international testimonials, promoting opportunities for contamination and co-design between different generations and disciplines.
  • The Social Tech programmes offer capacity-building and technology transfer activities dedicated to the Third Sector, cooperatives, enterprises and startups with social impact, also through the comparison with the realities operating in MIND.
  • Since 2019, the ideas contest “A City in MIND” has involved students from primary and secondary schools in Lombardy to develop MIND and its community. The competition is an initiative within the MIND Education project.
  • Started in 2021, Community Park in MIND is a participating project to study innovative models of governance and management and involve communities in promoting the new MIND City Park as a laboratory of urban, social and environmental innovation.


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