Illumina is universally recognised as the reference company for next-generation sequencing (NGS), and it’s a world leader in developing Life Science tools and integrated systems for large-scale sequencing tasks. These systems enable studies that were not even imaginable only a few years ago, making personalised medicine no longer a dream but a reality.
The sequencing output has increased more than 1000 times, with the number of sequencing reads going from millions to billions. Experiments that used to require an extremely complex workflow are now carried out with a simple sequence of commands. There are approximately 17,000 genomic sequencing tools installed in clinics and labs of more than 7,300 customers in 140 countries worldwide. In addition, the company invests more than $600 million a year in research and development to make its technology cheaper, more accurate and faster.

Illumina has chosen to open its first and currently only office in Italy within MIND – its fifth in Europe, including Cambridge, Eindhoven, Paris and Berlin. In Italy, Illumina now boasts a well-established network of relationships with hospitals and universities where it supports and participates, among other things, in genomic sequencing studies for the early diagnosis of tumours and rare diseases. Illumina also plays a key role in the surveillance of COVID-19 variants.


MIND perfectly represents Illumina’s vision of an innovation ecosystem that aims to contribute to the acceleration of disease diagnostic research and the development of new therapies. The new Solution Centre will consolidate Illumina’s relationships with hospitals, clinics, universities and companies throughout Italy and enable further collaboration to enhance patient access to innovative diagnostics and advanced medicine, positioning MIND as an innovative hub for healthcare in Europe.

The activities in the district

The centre will specialise in genome research and applications of genomic sequencing, contributing to the development of a leading hub for healthcare innovation in Europe. The centre within MIND will strengthen Illumina’s network of Solutions Centres in EMEA. In addition, through its partnership with the Human Technopole, Illumina will support Italian researchers and healthcare professionals in the development of initiatives in precision medicine, the application of genomics in all its potential, and microbiota research in general.





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