MIND is a case study for the European programme on temporary uses of places in the process of transformation. The goal is to test new model experiences and exchange ideas at the international level in a network of 14 cities around the world.

The T-Factor research project explores the impact of temporary uses in large regeneration projects. Funded by the European Commission with Horizon 2020 funds, the programme addresses 14 model experiences between “Advanced Research case studies” and “Local Pilots” in thirteen cities worldwide. MIND Milano Innovation District is among the pilot projects selected through the call for proposals at the beginning of 2021.

The temporary use of spaces has been and will continue to be an important aspect of MIND’s progressive development. The “meanwhile uses”, as they are called, have a crucial function in keeping places active, engaging the community and fostering inclusion in light of future regeneration interventions – as shown by the many activities promoted on the site from the end of Expo 2015 onwards.

Running until June 2024, T-Factor intends to test new models of temporary use, facilitating transnational dialogue and value creation for all players involved (citizens, local authorities, developers). After a phase of analysis and benchmarking between the cities involved, the pilot cases will be invited to design and implement prototypes of temporary practices in line with the objectives of their respective projects and the needs of the local fabric, and then evaluate the results of these experiences. The scalability and reproducibility of the most successful strategies will be the main focus points, together with their social, economic and environmental impact.

The research programme has selected MIND for its role as a catalyst for development, a multidisciplinary centre for accelerating innovation and a hub for different high-potential players. The lead company of the project submitted for T-Factor is PlusValue, which manages a “local coalition” comprising the Politecnico di Milano (School of Design – Polifactory), University of Milan and LAND. Arexpo, Lendlease and the main organisations in the area (Fondazione Triulza, IRCSS Galeazzi, Human Technopole) are also contributing to the project.

In addition to Milan, the cities involved in the T-Factor project are London, Lodz, Florence, Dortmund, Barcelona, Marseille, Shanghai, New York City, Kaunas, Amsterdam, Bilbao and Lisbon, for a total of 24 stakeholders from ten European countries plus the United States and China.

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