Demetra Pelos

Demetra Pelos

Head of Business Nursery


What do you do?

My job focuses on scouting and assessing early-stage Life Science projects and startups. We manage the scouting internally, interacting with our extensive network of national and international partners. We then evaluate the solidity of the assets and possible development paths. Another key aspect is defining a medium-term development plan for the selected startups, which facilitates their transition into the market.

What are the goals of your commitment?

Sustainability, interconnection and the creation of a fertile ecosystem of startups. In practical terms, all this results in customised incubation programmes that, together with the ecosystem, help to expand the potential of the startup, modelling its assets and optimising time and resources. Selecting synergic entrepreneurial players enables the flow and sharing of skills to be multiplied, thus encouraging the growth and evolution of the ecosystem.

What role does innovation play in your job?

In dealing with startups, innovation is in fact the driver of our activity. We identify high-potential projects, assess their assets and help them develop to facilitate their way into the market. Innovation means evolutionary dynamism: working with startups brings my team to reflexively renew itself by updating working and evaluation metrics and adapting them to the ever-changing applicative scenarios.

Innovation means evolutionary dynamism: working with startups brings my team to reflexively renew itself

What added value have you received or would you like to receive from your presence in MIND?

To us, MIND represents the strategic positioning to develop and amplify our capabilities to create a true Life Sciences startup industry. For Bio4Dreams, having access to the skills, resources and technologies of absolute prominence, functional to the development of Life Sciences projects, is the “trump card” for creating new value and new business.

How do you imagine the future of MIND?

A context where the leitmotif is contamination, synergy and collaboration, extending beyond the physical boundaries of the “MIND village” and allowing Italian excellence in the Life Sciences, to assert itself on the world stage of innovation.

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