Fiorenza Lipparini and Filippo Addarii

Fiorenza Lipparini and Filippo Addarii

Co-founders and Managing Partners


What do you do?

We are agents of the digital, ecological and social transition. We support large companies and institutions along the entire transformation journey: from studying the scenario and international benchmarks to devising and implementing new projects, businesses, and strategic partnerships, to measuring the impact generated so that it is scalable. Partnering with our clients, we also develop new business solutions in our specialty fields: innovation clusters, urban regeneration and sustainable finance (ESG).

What are the goals of your commitment?

We created PlusValue to drive change in the system, anchoring the pursuit of growth and profit to environmental sustainability and generating positive social impact through the innovation of business models and the creation of new markets. It is a new form of entrepreneurship that leverages research, technology and experimentation – open to multidisciplinarity and founded on multi-stakeholder partnerships. We value people and their catalyst abilities within a shared horizon of purpose. This way, we constantly increase our cognitive capital and ability to tackle new problems in new fields.

What role does innovation play in your job?

Innovation plays a fundamental role in our work across every phase of the process, product and service – and in its being linked to a specific territorial and industry scenario and, equally, to international networks and trends. Amongst the many examples born within MIND is Next Generation Healthcare, a 35 million euro public-private partnership, 17 of which are funded by the NRRP (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) and the others by private companies. The goal is to create an innovation infrastructure at the European level by facilitating technology transfer in digital health, thanks to the contribution of outstanding academic partners such as the Politecnico and the University of Milan as well as a variety of large and small companies.

MIND is already the future of the city: car-free, full of greenery and shared spaces, where you can meet different people and feel at home

What added value have you received or would you like to receive from your presence in MIND?

It is an opportunity to test a new model of urban development where the worth of real estate assets depends on the ability to create a community of values (in this case, dedicated to research and innovation) that grows over time. It is also a chance to combine real estate development and private interests with respect for nature and to promote people’s well-being. MIND was our first significant project of system transformation and stepping stone. We have created a dedicated company; we will open our own innovation space at MIND in 2023, and, together with Lendlease, we want to replicate this success in the rest of Europe and the world.

How do you imagine the future of MIND?

We want MIND to be a great showcase of the benefits of the genomics and IT revolution to boost health and well-being for all. At the same time, MIND transforms the meaning of urban regeneration by showing how developers’ choices (e.g. on building materials, green and public spaces, lighting, and mobility) can become determining factors for well-being and sustainable development. MIND is already the future of the city: free of cars, full of greenery and shared spaces to work and live, meet different people, and continue to feel at home.

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