Martina La Vista

Martina La Vista

Development Manager


What do you do?

I am in charge of developing the MIND Masterplan project, particularly the private development part. I work closely with the project’s key players, Arexpo and the public authorities, to draw up a plan that meets the overall vision and, simultaneously, the needs of all stakeholders. A project that, through synergies and physical connections, can positively and tangibly impact the socio-economic context of the hosting territory.

What are the goals of your commitment?

Our goal is to give MIND a new identity and create a new destination for the city of Milan and an Innovation District connected to the leading innovation centres in Europe and worldwide. MIND is designed to be a place active 24/7 where people who live, work, study, and spend their free time feel part of a community that participates in the same principles of sustainability, inclusiveness, and knowledge-sharing to create innovation.

What role does innovation play in your job?

The part I enjoy most about my job is feeling that what we do can perhaps make the lives of others better in the future. So, every day, we try to rethink how we do things and find strategies and solutions that can positively impact the well-being of people and the environment we live in. In this sense, MIND is a unique opportunity: each day teaches us something, and we hope it will inspire everyone who passes by in the same way.

Each day, MIND teaches us something and we hope it will inspire everyone who passes by in the same way

What added value have you received or would you like to receive from your presence in MIND?

MIND is definitely a project open to the rest of the world: here, you can have considerable opportunities to get in touch with international organizations and exchange ideas and visions. At the same time, MIND is also an inclusive project that aims to welcome and integrate existing communities in the surrounding area, including the Bollate prison. Finally, MIND is a chance to experience open and green spaces and to be able to enjoy the sunset in Milan.

How do you imagine the future of MIND?

I envision MIND as a district where people feel free to come and feel at home – a place where, thanks to both the design of the space and the community that inhabits it, everyone feels inspired to improve themselves and their surroundings.

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