Tamara Driol

Tamara Driol

Human Resources Director

AstraZeneca Italia

What do you do?

I am in charge of promoting the development and training programmes for our employees, their selection and employer branding. I am committed to building a work environment where people can express themselves to the fullest and develop skills based on their ambitions: a place where well-being and inclusion are valued. Over the last year, I have been responsible for the project to move our office to MIND, completed in December 2021 with our joining the district as the first private tenant.

What are the goals of your commitment?

Every day we work to put into practice the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion that characterise our corporate culture through numerous welfare and educational initiatives as well as new opportunities for professional growth. We adopt flexibility tools to promote and improve the work-life balance. Constant learning and training are fundamental to allow all employees to evolve their skills – both professional and personal – and achieve their growth objectives.

What role does innovation play in your job?

The link between human resources and innovation is not immediate, but innovation stems from people. Creating a diverse and inclusive environment, providing physical spaces to collaborate and share opinions, working on acquiring new skills, and fostering a corporate culture open to ideas and external partnerships in other sectors are the objectives I work on every day. Much like being one of the founders of Federated Innovation, relocating to MIND is a concrete example that allows innovation to become an integral part of our company.

The link between human resources and innovation is not immediate, but innovation stems from people

What added value have you received or would you like to receive from your presence in MIND?

AstraZeneca has embraced MIND across the board: we are among the founders of Federated Innovation, the first collaborative model that connects private individuals and public institutions in a strategic alliance in the Life Science area and the fields of environmental sustainability and future mobility. The ecosystem of MIND will enable us to accelerate the development of ideas and transform them into concrete projects to support patients and society as a whole.

How do you imagine the future of MIND?

MIND is the city of the future, a place where relationships will be central and forging partnerships will be easy, surrounded by quality services that will facilitate, motivate and stimulate life in the district. This setting will be the fertile ground for nurturing new projects and opportunities for collaboration to grow as a company and thus contribute to generating economic and social value for the country.

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