Rold is a leading manufacturer of innovative components, solutions and platforms for home, professional and industrial appliances through smart and connected technology: it means taking full advantage of physical and digital devices that can add an interaction for a fuller user or customer experience.

“Enable the Potential of Home, Industrial and Professional devices for a Smarter Living” is Rold’s vision – always open to new business models and markets. The daily commitment is to create and develop products and technologies that set a benchmark for the future of safety and usability in home appliances, the professional and industrial sectors.

In 2015, Rold developed an I4.0 platform, SmartFab, that allows the real-time monitoring of production processes and is now one of the commercial solutions developed to support the digital transition of companies.


MIND is another step in the process of an ongoing evolution that has seen Rold grow steadily, driven by the determination to explore new directions. We immediately expressed our interest in the redevelopment project of the former Expo area that was beginning to take shape because we perceived the potential of being located in this area – set to become a prominent ecosystem of innovation in Lombardy.

We are very attached to our local area – we have been operating here for around sixty years – and it came naturally to us to be part of this place, which perfectly embodies the values expressed by Rold. Being in the area, contamination of knowledge, meeting and exchanging with other realities different from our own.

We strongly believe in the value of sharing to achieve growth, and this is certainly one of the main reasons we decided to join MIND. There is also the desire to further enhance our reputation with customers, suppliers, and partners: being part of this innovation district shows, once again, our desire to grow. Being in MIND makes us more attractive to young talents, offering them opportunities for professional growth in a stimulating environment.

The activities in the district

Within the spaces assigned by MIND, Rold will house R-Lab, the Innovation and Applied Research lab, and the Rold Academy.

R-Lab is a multidisciplinary lab that firmly believes in cross-contamination and open innovation as a way to innovate. It is a place where researchers with different expertise (mechatronics, advanced materials, electronics, biomedicine, user experience) work together to develop new solutions that respond to people’s needs.

Rold Academy is our concrete proposal for a high-quality culture of continuous learning for everyone. We build formative experiences to strengthen the technical and cross-functional skills of our employees, students and other professionals. Rold Academy facilitates the interaction between people, the contamination of ideas and the sharing of knowledge – and supports innovation and creativity.





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